The Latest Products for Dental Hygienists and Oral Hygiene

There are so many products in the market for dental hygienists. A lot of them are tools that they can use in their practice and others are great recommendations for patients that need to pay more attention to proper hygiene. What are the latest products in the market worth noting? A list is gathered onContinue Reading

Career Satisfaction and Growth for Dental Hygienists

What makes dental hygienists satisfied in their current career? Is there room for growth in their career? What markers do they have for growth? Mark Hartley conducts a survey among people in that profession. What did he find out? Read the article published on the Dentistry IQ website to get some answers. The article itselfContinue Reading

Dental Hygienists Asks Advice for Drug Addicted Boss

A dental hygienist is concerned that her boss, a dentist, might be abusing drugs. Though she does believe that her boss is a good dentist, drug dependence really is a serious problem. It becomes and even bigger problem when the clients start to get affected. What should she do? Dianne Glasscoe Watterson provides suggestions. ReadContinue Reading

Dental Hygienist Discusses Bacteria Killing Oral Cleanser

A dental hygienist knows exactly how important periodontal treatment is especially for those that are suffering from certain medical conditions. According to a survey, for certain conditions, the cost of dental treatment tends to get a lot higher. Now, what is this oral cleanser that can kill bacteria and help prevent added expenses? Read theContinue Reading

Dental Hygienist Travels the World to Prevent Dental Disease

A dental hygienist is traveling the world and volunteering to help prevent dental disease. A graduate of East Tennessee State University, Brittany Robinson aims to educate people about the importance of dental hygiene. She isn’t limiting herself to Tennessee or the United States. To get to know more about her and what she does, readContinue Reading

Preschoolers Get a Good Lesson from a Dental Hygienist

Preschool kids in Coldwater, Michigan recently got a good lesson from a dental hygienist. Thanks to Kaitlyn Flint from Smile Avenue Dentistry, those kids can really maintain a healthy smile throughout their life. That visit was in line with the educational program for National Children’s Dental Health Month. To get more information about this event,Continue Reading

The Pains of Following the Advice of Dental Hygienists

It can get quite tedious to follow every single advice given by dental hygienists, dentists, and doctors. Just making a list of everything one should do to remain healthy can get quite overwhelming. That is how Diane Laney Fitzpatrick sees it. What does she have to say about the whole experience? Read her blog postContinue Reading

Things Dental Hygienists Can Do to Close Dental Care Gap

It is not news for dental hygienists that the elderly need more attention than their younger counterparts. That’s why there is currently a high demand for dental hygienists in aged care providers. A recent survey such facilities showed that 70% of the residents require dental treatment. Now, how can people in the profession bridge theContinue Reading

Dental Hygienists Can Administer Anesthesia in 44 States

Dental hygienists in forty four states are actually allowed to administer anesthesia. Bills are getting passed which allows hygienists to take on more responsibility. However, it does get more confusing as different states will allow different “expanded functions.” Confused by this issue as well? Read the article written by Amanda M. Richardson for Dentistry IQContinue Reading

Things That People Hide from Their Dental Hygienist

Visiting a dental hygienist will not guarantee a healthy smile or pearly white teeth. Why? That is because, after all that advice, it will all boil down to if the person actually practices good oral hygiene. How do ordinary people describe visits to the dental clinic? Diane Laney Fitzpatrick writes about her firsthand experience. FindContinue Reading